Try C60 for a month for only $15

Try C60 for a month for only $15

Every few years, some obscure nutrient, superfood, or nootropic hits a viral parabola and becomes popular on a widespread level. We have seen this happen with CBD (Cannabidiol) rich hemp oil over the past 8 years. It went from federally illegal to multiple CBD stores per small America town in a just a few short years, giving access to millions of people worldwide to a natural medicine that has lasting effects. 

The next latest nutrient surfacing in the net is C60 known as Buckminsterfullerene, discovered in 1985. C60 is a form of vaporized carbon that forms a cage of 60 electrons around the nucleus. These electrons release in the blood stream when consumed, attaching to toxins and assisting in removing them from the body. C60 is considered to be an even more powerful antioxidant than vitamin C, providing exceptional anti-inflammatory benefits.

I personally have utilized C60 for 3 years and can attest to greater mental clarity. I am able to focus deeply not matter what situation and notice a more rapid speed of recovery post work out.

I have aligned with a C60 company that I have found to be superior in taste, quality, and ease of use. The FullerLifeC60 potent anti-oxidant mint strips are one of my favorite supplements yet. 

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