Reduce Stress with Meditation; Brainwave Entrainment

Reduce Stress with Meditation; Brainwave Entrainment

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Have you ever considered that your life would be easier if you meditated? Studies of our brainwaves while in a meditative state reveal that in fact we really do become more calm, centered, focused, happy, and satisfied when we incorporate meditation into our lives. 

The real question most run into in their pursuit of becoming an advanced meditator, how do I overcome the chattering wandering monkey mind? The noise, the talk, the distraction in our heads runs on the frequency we like to call Beta. The state of action, or at least for most. Have you ever noticed when a trained martial artist fights, they tend to flow with the energy so gracefully, as if they are on a different frequency than this "beta mind". Truly, they are in a state of light meditation, revolving their focus in the frequency of Alpha. This is the realm of ideas, flow state, and ease. 

Becoming aware of the Alpha state can work wonders for you. Pranayama breathing or deep breathing through your nose can help you access this state faster and faster with practice. When you allow yourself to sink into deeper states of meditation you reach the levels of Theta and Delta. Most people can only access these particular states briefly throughout the day, but mostly during deep sleep. 

There is a way to access these states for longer durations of time, without taking years of practice with simple meditation techniques. Baroque classical music and jazz music are powerful genres to help you practice getting into these states. Live music as well as tonic and medicinal herbs can help you accelerate this process as well.

My favorite hack to access these states rapidly and really experience the life changing benefits of meditation is the Brain Evolution System. This is a 6 month course, 6 tracks each 30 minutes in length. Taking a full month at each level is the protocol, allowing your brain to gradually learn to silence the distractions and experience a depth of mental clarity generally reserved for the buddhist monks and yogis. 

My personal experience with this program was profound. I was in a deep state of depression and anxiety at the age of 19. During the 6 months of the course I felt lifted to a higher level of awareness and energy, which carried me through dark times and spit me back out as a warrior for truth, freedom and creativity. I was able to complete projects I had on my plate with ease and break through a writers block that allowed me to write and gig with songs I had created. As a musician I cannot more highly recommend the Brain Evolution System for expanding your playability and creativity.

If you are seeking a higher level of emotional clarity and higher vibrations of consciousness, the first step is always to  just choose to embrace these higher states of joy. Know that you are worth it and there is certainly a light at the end of the tunnel. 


Less stress. Faster recovery. Better sleep.
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