Pulse Chain Launch Details Released

For those who are tired of high Ethereum fees, Read this about Pulse Chain

"The native ETH token will become PLS on the PulseChain network. The PLS supply will be inflated by at least 10,000x upon forking, with the extra supply being distributed to the users that sacrificed during the PulseChain sacrifice phase.

PLS will be used just as ETH is used on the Ethereum network for transaction fees, as well as for delegating stake to network validators."

We are in a big moment in time for the crypto revolution. Many are looking at this moment as a portal to a new galaxy in terms of operability in the crypto and global hemispheres. It is not surprising to see another not so well known tech head turn into a fabled billionaire, capturing a title few achieve in a lifetime, a "millionaire maker". Bravo to Richard Heart and the pulse team for their achievement in releasing the Pulse Chain Test net.

PLS has become a highly sought after token as the 2021 summer sacrifice period came to a close and the anticipation builds for the official block announcement for the Pulse Chain. If you own any ERC20 tokens such as Doge, Chainlink or Shiba Inu, be sure that you have the keys to the wallets that hold those coins. The pulse chain system state fork will give you copies of those very coins on the Pulse chain. With your keys, you can access these coins by changing the network to the pulse network, for example within your Metamask or Trust wallet. Opening a new wallet to access these coins, with your same keys of course, is another route to access your coins on the pulse network.

It is not clear which defi exchanges will be fully functional after the Pulse Chain release, however you can find that information on a site like Nomics.com Notice they are ready to receive the new asset that is PLS.

**Not your Keys, not your Coins** 

**Not Financial advice/advisor

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