Emphasizing Quality and Dosage with CBD oil products

The CBD craze is on! With the recent explosion of new CBD oil companies hitting the internet and the local smoke shop, many are exploring a world of medicinal value that was just a short time ago unvailable. With a plethora of options to choose from, how does one decipher which CBD oil products are legitimate and which are not? As CBD products make their way to shelves on the grocery store, the options tend to overwhelm the customer, leading to lack of or inconsistent use of the product. For those seeking complete relief, awareness of quality and dosage is vital. 
  • CBD studies as of recent have shown its potential role in easing symptoms of a variety of health ailments, including stress, depression, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, anxiety, heart disease and skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and acne. CBD, like its cannabinoid sibling THC, is proving success with cancer patients and those suffering from chronic pain and irritable bowel syndrome, providing relief to pain and regulation of the appetite. One key to experiencing noticeable benefits and relief is dosage.
  • Finding the proper dosage with CBD starts with research. Know why you're taking it and search online for data and documentation from others suffering from similar ailments. A general rule of thumb amongst CBD connoisseurs is to take 10 mg and see how you feel. For most healthy people, this dosage is noticeable on a mental level. If dealing with pain or seeking more depth of relief, continue to take a 10 mg dosage every hour and document how you feel. Most people will feel sleepy after taking more than 50 mg. For some that upper limit dosage is more like 100 mg. Those dealing with more serious conditions often find themselves experiencing relief after a couple months of a dose between 50-100mg.
Interestingly, animal studies reveal a wide array of results when it comes to dosing and affects on biochemical processes. Recent advancements in bio-technology and testing have revealed CBD has the potential to positively impact stem cells, mitochondrial health, neurotransmitter levels, and even potentially cause neurogenesis. With anything that affects your brain, trod cautiously and do your due diligence. One of the most exciting studies around neurogenesis and CBD reveals it may actually protect the human brain's hippocampus from toxicity from THC. 
As cannabis legalization and decriminalization laws set in around the country and the world, the market is undoubtedly exploding. In navigating the stores and internet for quality CBD products, look for organic and/or strict adherence to testing requirements. Many companies utilize European derived CBD which generally passes the stringent tests for trace pesticides. PlusCBD is one such company who utilizes CBD oil derived from Europe. This company has experienced truly remarkable growth. The recent farm bill has allowed for growth of CBD rich hemp in the USA. If choosing a company that derives their CBD oil from the United States, it is best to choose organic in my opinion. Longevity CBD is one of such companies. 

  • CBD should have a slightly spicy taste to it. If you don't experience this spice like taste, the product may not contain as much CBD as listed. 
Organic and European sources of CBD oil are preferred as you can be assured they do not contain pesticides. It may not be so obvious to some as pesticides cannot be seen, however the toxic build up of pesticides can have a detrimental affect on health. Refer to the massive lawsuit against Monsanto for their product Round Up's link to cancer.  Be aware that many companies soliciting CBD are buying oil in bulk from multiple farms. Often these farms are not regulated and they slip oil into the manufacturing under the nose of regulatory authorities. While many of these companies are caught red-handed, many are not and continue to fleece the market with their inferior quality oils. Choosing a company that is reputable and has their own direct source is the best.
This article is intended to help give some clarity to the confusion that surrounds the CBD oil industry. While my thoughts of CBD is direct from experience with my own body, none of this is intended to be medical advise. Everyones body is different. While some CBD may taste better than others, there's no doubt some absolutely work better than others. 

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*I am not a doctor. This is not medical advise. Consult your Physician for guidance.