Buy Sell and Stake Hex Coin On Mobile Staker App

The fomo into Hex has leveled off in the past few weeks, but will it last? All markets have corrections, and Hex cryptocurrency is no stranger to corrections. We have seen a similar 60%+ correction multiple times in the past year as the hype around this coin grows and investors cash in on their profitable experience with Hex. With the anticipation of the Pulse Chain Ethereum system state fork, the price has recently run to an all time high of 52 cents. For those of you that need a reminder, the idea with any investment is to buy low and sell high. In my opinion, we are witnessing an epic opportunity to be able to purchase at 22 cents today. 

Many people love the portability of being able to have some of their crypto on their phone. While this easy access is great, it can make you more venerable to getting hacked if you do not keep your phone updated, or have a phone that's older than 3-4 years. Having your phone password protected is imperative if you are going to utilize your phone for holdings. Do not forget to backup your keys! That way, if by chance your phone is stolen, you can quickly access your funds on a different device, and ideally move them over to a different wallet to ensure no one else accesses your funds.Enjoy the world’s most effective antioxidant for $1/day. 

One such app you can utilize to operate the Hex smart contract (stake your funds), is the Staker App. This app was created by two German gents within the hex community I have had the pleasure to meet personally. These two are touring the United States, promoting their Staker App and the grand opportunity that is hex. Listening to these two speak to the Hex opportunity gave me a new perspective, as they were doing these presentations at over 20 cities across a country foreign to them, all on their own dime. Not only that, but they built an app to make operating this smart contract more portable and easy. It is beautiful to see people succeed as they have with Hex, and turn around and give back to the community in the form of education and new technology. T

he ease of use with the Staker App has me rather excited, as the app has made purchasing Hex and staking Hex tremendously simple. This app cost is approximately $13, which is a small fee to pay to have your funds so portable if that's your preference. The app can be used in free mode to track your Hex account by simply adding the address. You can also earn a referral commission for sharing the app.

Will you still get your pHex duplicate on the Staker app? The answer is yes. Even if the developers take some time to add the Pulse chain network, you can always take your keys and access your pHex via a metamask wallet once the Pulse Chain releases. 

For those that have stakes, another interesting site that shows your daily income and rough projections into the future can be viewed at

Get your Staker App today and Buy the DIP!!!

STAKERS BEWARE: Currently the Ethereum fees are extremely high. While staking Hex can be profitable, it may not be if you choose to short of a stake duration and the entry and end stake fees exceed the interest accrued on investment. Read this article to understand the fees associated with ending Hex stakes.