Buy Sell and Earn Crypto; Cryptocurrency on and off ramps

For those seeking options to purchase crypto currencies, this review will outline a variety of options for which to access. This option allows you to purchase direct from another holder of crypto. The site acts as the escrow account holder to help decrease theft. This is an option to consider as well to find someone you can meet in person for cash. This is one of the most common exchanges people use today to buy and sell a wide variety of cryptos. Some of the recent popular tokens include BTC, LRC and SHIB. Coinbase has a rewards system that allows you to earn crypto currencies for FREE, simply watching short videos about cryptos and taking a quiz on the crypto coins you learn about. While this may not be a lot, they add new ones every so often and the appreciation on these coins can be massive. You can also earn interest here by locking up your coins for specified durations of time. Coinbase is the first US exchange to go public.; A unique app who has managed to maintain their reputation despite their unannounced move from Monaco to CRO as their native asset. You can buy sell and where you may earn crypto currencies. Their current native coin, CRO allows you to earn a bit higher return on your coins. This is a company and coin to watch as they recently signed a massive marketing deal with the MMA organization UFC Gemini enables you to buy, sell and earn on your crypto. This exchange is catered to the professional trader and has an array of DEFI assets not necessarily seen on other centralized exchanges. 

Dharma App This app is the first on ramp directly to Hex I have seen. You do not have to purchase any other coins to get Hex, here you can go direct to Hex and a variety of other cryptos from you bank account or credit card. If your mission is to participate in the hex staking system, read this article

*I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advise. 


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