3 ways to Amplify the Entourage affect with Cannabinoids

The last few years have been a whirlwind for the supplement industry as regulations have eased around cannabis products. CBD products have exploded in availability, bringing with them a range of products containing cannabinoids and other molecules that affect the

endocannabinoid system. For example, CBD can be an antidote to THC as it modulates the cannabinoid receptors in such a way that lessens the intensity of THC. This is dubbed as the entourage affect. The idea that one can easily amplify the benefits of cannabinoids and endocannabinoids (the body's own cannabinoids) is alluring. Can you really help yourself or another out of a deep THC high with the use of CBD? Testing the validity of such theories is becoming more popular amongst bio-scientists, bio-hackers, and recreational users of cannabis and natural medicines. Speaking to experience, here are a few ways I have found the entourage affect to benefit me.

  • Boost your Anandamide with Exercise; Do you ever wonder why you feel so good after exercising or yoga session? A little known endocannabinoid known as anandamide is largely responsible for the feeling of bliss and joy after strenuous activity. Anandamide can assist in appetite regulation, stress reduction, anxiety relief, and inflammation. It is also well studied to have similar affects as CBD for reducing a high from THC and helping to overcome addiction. If you speak with someone who regularly uses cannabis, you'll often find the like to be active with their highs. Some choose to partake just before a workout or yoga session, while others claim that they are far more focused and "in the zone" on their mountain bike or snowboard when "lit" on cannabis. These tendencies exemplify the entourage affect of anandamide and the variety of cannabinoids present within cannabis.
  • CBD for therapeutic relief; A deluge of research has taken place in the past decade dissecting the power of CBD in the human and animal body. "Human laboratory studies and clinical trials (e.g., randomized controlled trials and single-arm, open-label trials) evaluating the efficacy of CBD as a therapeutic were identified for various medical conditions, including epilepsy, anxiety, pain/inflammation, schizophrenia, various substance use disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and others." The applications of CBD are wide and thorough. Many first hand accounts I have had visiting cannabis shows and dispensaries reveal that the "CBD as an Antidote" knowledge is catching on. The power of CBD to hone in focus and potentially eliminate the mild ADD that is prevalent amongst human society is something to get excited about.
  • Chocolate and Yerba mate; These two natural drugs are incredibly popular indeed, with history dating back thousands of years. Still to this day, chocolate and yerba mate are widely used within drink and dish recipes to enhance the flavor, nourishment and feeling the substances provide. Many of the ancient recipes including chocolate are still used to this day. Both chocolate and yerba mate contain theobromine. There are articles online that falsely claim yerba mate has CBD. This is not true, however the affect of anandamide and antioxidants within these substances can be very similar to that of CBD. The combination of these substances is regarded by some as the holy trinity, chocolate/yerba mate/cannabis.

For those looking to experience a form of entourage affect, try a drink with a base of yerba mate, blended with your favorite chocolate, cbd oil and a touch of honey or stevia. You can also add Maca extract or cayenne pepper powder to provide the body with long lasting energy. When you combine Yerba mate, Chocolate, CBD and THC, your bloodstream gets to experience the entourage affect of over 100 different natural constituents of these plants. The antioxidant power of these molecules can protect each other within the metabolic process, leading to longer lasting affects and benefits of CBD and the other mood boosting neurotransmitter molecules. The benefits of this combo include easing inflammation and the central nervous system while providing you with a feeling of tremendous euphoria. For a deeper dive into chocolate and cannabinoids read this article and David Wolfe's book Naked chocolate

The word is out that the entourage affect can have profound benefits to your health and general sense of well being. While I am a coffee lover, I find that replacing the coffee for a CBD chocolate Yerba Mate drink opens up doors of creativity and a sense of well being that carries on long into the day. You'll find as well the reduction of coffee and increase in cannabinoids can have a profoundly positive affect on anxiety. Reducing your stress and anxiety is a great start to becoming more healthy, no matter what your health goals are. To conclude, I encourage you to read my post on meditation/brainwave entrainment, as you and only you can create this entourage affect in your body, with or without consumption. 

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