22 startling facts to know about chocolate within Zombie Apocalypses

1. Chocolate may be effective in preventing being zombify'd. No really, chocolate is naturally rich in minerals, such as copper and magnesium, shown to boost the immunity. 

2. Chocolate will boost your heart rate, and this is caused by the Theobromine. This is also the compound that kills dogs, so watch out if your doggie is sheltered in place alongside! Please don't make your dog a zombie.

3. Tryptophan, an essential amino acid used in building neurotransmitters and muscles, also helps to boost serotonin in the brain. Feeling good naturally is real. Refer to Natural Highs, by Dr. Hyla Cass for more in depth information regarding natural supplements specifically for brain and emotional health. We must feel good no matter how many zombies are created by 5G, etc. 

4. Chocolate is great for digestion. Magnesium and the rich healthy saturated fats may reduce the amount of toilet paper needed within the apex of the apocalypse. Quit hoarding and take a shower already!

5. No animals were killed in the cultivation of our fair trade chocolate solsuperfood.com, no zombies need be sacrificed either. 

6. Chocolate can be a staple of the raw vegan diet, but they better make sure that it stays raw in the process of making it!

7. The beans of the Cacao pod were used as money dating back to the Mayan era, and to this day, chocolate is considered one of the greatest things to have in a crisis or "shelter in place".

8. The majority of chocolate companies you may find at the store are sourcing their cacao from only a few suppliers, mostly in Africa, and not necessarily fair trade.

9. CCN51 cacao is a Hybrid chocolate tree that produces 3-4 times more beans than its cousin Fino Aroma/Arriba Nacional, considered some of the finest chocolate in the world.

10. The saturated fats within chocolate have been shown to improve cholesterol levels,  which is the exact opposite of what animal saturated fats do. 

11. Chocolate contains Anandamide, a cannabinoid molecule that our body releases during exercise that shows many interesting similarities to CBD (cannabidiol). Possibly this is the reason why people who eat chocolate and exercise can be so healthy. 

12. (Laughing break) We will get through this outbreak, the oldest people in the world have been through some crazy stuff, and most of them say they eat a lot of chocolate. Maybe its time to get the highest quality chocolate you can find or make yourself!

13. There are a multitude of neurotransmitter compounds within chocolate. One of the most interesting is considered the "love drug" PEA or phenethylamine. This compound helps us stay active,  mentally fit, and assists in boosting the mood.

14. It's hard to be down and depressed, I get it, but less when you have good chocolate! Duh.

15. Chocolate has one of if not the most high concentration of magnesium of any food studied. The combination of theobromine and magnesium helps to kickstart over 200 detoxification pathways in the heart. Refer to Naked Chocolate, by David Wolfe for more in depth chocolate health facts. 

16. Cacao trees like mineral rich soil such as volcanic regions and the wild jungles of the continents of Central and South America, Africa, Hawaii, the Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka many other exotic locations such as Sao Tome Principe. 

17. If there is a full on zombie apocalypse, it probably won't take out the cacao beans. Fermentation of the cacao beans is essential for bringing out the flavor profiles of the cacao bean. 

18. Chocolate is a great food to have for assistance within intermittent fasting, which if you haven't tried out yet, now would be a super fantastic time to try new things."

19. Chocolate brings out the best in us and brings people together. To share more high vibrational foods, teas and herbal remedies with your kin in these uncanny challenging times. 

20. Chocolate, meditated and prayed upon, can assist in syncing up  the heart/mind connection, ultimately allowing you to super flow your intentions and desires into the ether. Like a boomerang, these vibes will return in the form of people, situations and events , and that, will surely give you that same joyous feeling.

21. Chocolate is fun to kiss with. Make sure it's the best kind of chocolate possible, and someone you actually want to kiss. 

22. Chocolate, especially fino aroma/Arriba Nacional, turns on and cleanses the pineal gland. Reference the tryptophan/serotonin/dopamine/melatonin/DMT connection.

Be well, play it safe, or ride dirty. It'll all work out in the end.